1. Do not swear in the server, or attempt to bypass the filter by changing the characters of a banned word.

2. Advertising isn't allowed anywhere except within the designated advertising channels.

- DM advertising is also not allowed for everyone

3. Do not post malicious links or files in the server that can steal information.

4. Please keep your topics in the correct channel.

5. Do not harass other users or be toxic, such as by arguing or insulting others.

6. Don't cause spam by posting repeated text or large blocks of text.

7. Please make sure all topics are appropriate for children.

- Nothing can be shared that is NSFW, is relating to substance abuse, is disturbing or that displays a grave nature

8. Don't constantly beg for nitro, roles, items or anything similar.

9. Do not use alts maliciously:

- Don't join giveaways to give yourself an unfair advantage

- Don't try to bypass a punishment given to your main account

10. Only play songs in the music voice channel; you aren't allowed to play normal videos.

- Songs with swearing are only allowed if it's not excessive

11. Impersonation of people/bots with profile pictures/names isn't allowed. ­

12. Don't ask for personal information or distribute any personal information without consent.

13. You aren't allowed to misuse spoilers by giving the appearence of swearing or something inappropriate.

- Using spoilers around a word that may look like the N word will result in a ban

14. You cannot annoy others in VCs with mic spamming or voice changers.

15. You aren't allowed to minimod in the server:

- This means acting as a moderator by threatening that people will be punished

- If you have a problem please ping an active staff member

16. No interfering with moderator's duties:

- Don't argue with them while they actively moderate

- Don't troll with fake evidence

Note that you need to agree first before you join